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ExecProducer: Gareth Jones

Writer/ Drector: Tim Murray

Genre: Comedy

Cast: TBC

Running time: 100 mins

Budget: $5 million

When “Jimmy no legs” a wannabe gangster of Sicilian descent, takes a bet from a friend that he can’t get arrested, a bizarre and hilarious chain of events leads him down a path that could ultimately change the world.

Synopsis: Set in Liverpool, “JIMMY NO LEGS” is the story of wheelchair-bound James Bregonzi who is raised by his Irish mother on heroic stories of his imprisoned Sicilian father. The Bregonzi family motto is ‘Honour over freedom’ and it has been tradition for the past fifteen generations that every man in the Bregonzi family must end his days in jail as a way of proving his masculinity and maintaining the family honour. 

Speaking with an American-Italian accent from birth, it is clear from early on that the gangster gene runs strong through Jimmy's blood. His disability doesn’t phase him a bit however and, for laughs, he uses his wheelchair to manipulate people's sympathy, getting away with scams and petty crime, which gains him a certain respect along the way. It’s during one of these episodes that he meets and falls in love with Angela, a beautiful Italian immigrant.

Although happy for a while, his pride is constantly dinted by people's’ patronizing attitude to his situation and eventually he drives the lovely Angela away. As one negative episode leads to another, Jimmy is in danger of sliding downhill. But one day, Jimmy wakes up and decides that the time is right to take himself in hand.  He must assert his manhood and follow in the Bregonzi family tradition. And so he accepts a challenge from his life long friend Robbie.

A bizarre and hilarious chain of events are set in motion where he does everything he can to get arrested and fails, because of people's’ misplaced sympathy for his disability.  He comes to realize just how deep society’s ignorance of disability actually runs and how politicians are using it as a powerful political tool. He realizes that it is imperative he now makes his voice heard.

His antics hit the headlines and he finds himself being persuaded by his childhood hero, ex-stunt rider Dare Devil Dave, to enter the local elections to try and gain a parliamentary seat.

Having nothing to lose he finds himself able to be outspoken on many controversial issues turning the tables on every stereotype in the book, thereby gaining a massive following. So much so, that Wheelchairs start to become a fashion accessory. From the catwalks of Milan to the red carpets of Leicester Square and even to the corridors of Parliament everyone is beginning using them. 

Jimmy No Legs has become a Hero. But will he ever become a prisoner?

Packing an iron punch in a velvet glove the film follows our hero as he fights for his birthright - the freedom of imprisonment!



“An evening with Donald Kempinski”

Executive Producer: Mark Foligno & Christopher Figg

Writer / Director: Tim Murray

Genre: Comedy

Cast: TBC

Running time: 100 mins

Budget: $2 million

“After Hours” meets “Scent of a woman” in this modern day fable of acceptance and reconciliation.

After 25 years of working on the Staten Island Ferry the John F. Kennedy, the last five years of which was spent as Captain, Donald Kempinski went to bed one night, next to his wife, with twenty twenty vision and woke up the next morning legally blind. A rogue strain of the pneumonia virus, which he had contracted several weeks before, attacked his optic nerve whilst he slept leaving him with no peripheral or night vision and a central vision like that of looking through a steamed up bathroom mirror.

As a proud man, working in a man’s world, the loss of his sight hit him hard. As if losing his job wasn’t enough he also lost his friends, who through ignorance and a fear of his blindness, deserted him in his hour of need. Having already fallen out with his daughter two years previously it wasn’t long before he hit the bottle and spiraled into a pit of depression. Within nine months his marriage of thirty years is over.

Now living alone on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, his pride and bitterness shackle him to a lonely lifestyle of self pity and loathing. He counts his life in cups of tea. When he sets out one fateful night to buy a carton of Milk with only a white cane as his guide, he has no idea that events will ultimately lead him down a path that will change his life forever.

When his white cane is broken in a freak accident Donald’s pride gets the better of him. Refusing to ask for help he must prove to himself that he can find his own way home. And so his adventure begins, bringing with it the dawn of a new day for Donald



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